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  • 12 January 2022
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Curious if there’s a better way for users with specific roles to access the Commcell other than  the CommVault Simpana.jnlp.  I downloaded/extracted netx.jar and it opened to the Commcell a couple times, then failed.  Thx! 


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5 replies

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Admin Console is an option as well:

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We still receive the error message when downloading the galaxy.jnlp file - This type of file can harm your computer.  Do you want to keep the galaxy.jnlp anyway?  & an unsecure connection is established to the console.  Is there any other “secure connection” option (IE: html5)?

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The link I sent you above is for accesing the adminconsole via HTML5 based access. 



Install the native Windows Commcell Console app on your desktop. It is a lot faster and more reliable than the Java app.  Assuming you use Windows of course.


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Can you try the latest version of netx.jar?!/96/711/12233