Advances client setting: CacheMFTRecs on Virtual Server proxy clients

  • 31 March 2023
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Just wanting a warm fuzzy on this setting…as we have been upgrading Commvault since v9...

We have CacheMFTRecs added and set = 1 on all our Virtual Server proxy servers via several “Client Groups” that explicitly add it. 

The documentation ( indicates “For Version 10 Service Pack 6A and higher, this key is enabled by default.”. We are on SP11, but I’m not seeing the setting set in the “Advanced settings” (It’s not even there to select) if I make a new Virtual Server proxy group.

Question: So would it be ok to remove the CacheMFTRecs additional setting from the client groups, as “set by default” means its internally set to 1 inside the … errr...Virtual Server client or something... and not “set by default means “it is set by default inside a default client proxy group”?  It feels like after Version 10 Service Pack 6A and higher, you would only manually add this to a virtual server proxy client/client group if you wanted to disable the setting (maybe support requests it) as it doesn’t show up in the search of advanced settings.

3 replies

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Key is only for 9 and 10. 

Supported Version 9.0 to 10.0
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Hi @tigger2 

You can remove it when you are on V10 SP6A or higher 👍

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