All job activity in commcell Activity control always turn off automatically

  • 6 February 2023
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Hello All,

i am looking to a solution for my commcell issue which is:

All job activity in commcell Activity control always turn off automatically.

so all the backup jobs not work.

5 replies

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Please check the Audit Trail report to see if this change is being logged.
You can set the Playback Level to High and enter the search string: Update CommCell properties

You should see a record like this:

Then you know which user is being used to perform the activity.
Question still is, how is this performed.. Thinking about how to identify this ūü§Ē

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Can you also check if a DR backup is performed around the time the activity is disabled?
If so you might have a Database corruption, when the Disaster Recovery Backup detects this the CommServe job activities are disabled automatically.

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Dear @Jos Meijer thanks for your answer, yes you are correct i see a problem with SQL as follow image:


so how can i solve this database issue

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Good dat the reason has been identified¬†ūüĎć
To be honest I would contact support, they will get you back on track asap.
Analyzing the issue through this forum thread will unnecessarily delay your solution.

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@Jos Meijer thanks alot