all jobs on mediaagent are waiting

  • 4 August 2022
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Hello Everyone.


i’m facing a weird issue regarding all the jobs related to a specific mediaagent

i have a MediaAgent for sql backups and we have log backup runs hourly.

i have recently upgraded the CommCell to 11.25.11

since then all log backups start in waiting status with no errors it stay in wait state for hours and all log backup fails to start because of this behavior. 

i dont understand why this  behavior happens, or the upgrade maybe related to this behavior 

any tips ?



Best answer by Muhammad Abdullah 8 August 2022, 13:24

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4 replies

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Hello Muhammad Abdullah,

when you are stating that you recently upgraded the CommCell to 11.25.11, did you upgrade Commserve, Media Agent used for those SQL jobs and associated SQL client where TLOG backup is running as well? Maybe there is a version mismatch somewhere?


It also came to my attention that version 11.25.11 was released in December 2021 and this maintenance release is quite old, there was many maintenance releases released since then and the first thing I’d advise is to consider installing 11.25.40 which includes various hotfixes, and being released a month ago should be already quite well tested in the field 

List of Maintenance Releases for Feature Release 11.25 (


Best Regards,


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@Muhammad Abdullah , can you look at the job details and see what the streams are waiting for?  If you are not seeing anything, right-click any job and View the the Log Files and see what JobManager.log shows (and share it here).

The error will likely point to the next log file to check.

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Hello @Marcin Dziewanowski  and @Mike Struening 


i have upgraded my commcell to 11.25.44 and the issue was disappeared so far till now. 

we can mark this topic as solved by upgrading the commcell i believe


thank you for the efforts ! 

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Glad to hear it!