Any way to avoid 17:11 errors?

  • 15 October 2021
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Hi, I’m wondering if there is any reg key that can be set for the subclients, in my case a Cloud Apps virtual client where the content rarely changes, so almost every day we get multiple 17:11 errors. Isn’t there some way to set a key that says “I don’t care if you didn’t find any content in the scan?”


6 replies

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Hey @downhill , hope all is well.

I created a new thread for this.  Let me see if there’s anything we can do around that concern.

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What agent type are we talking about?

For File System backups, I don’t believe error 17:11 is the result of unchanged data.
If a subclient cannot find content, it either doesn’t exist or perhaps has access issues.


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But for Cloud Apps backups, which the OP specified, that’s exactly what it means: unchanged data. And I agree, it’s annoying and could camouflage more serious situations such as disappearance of previous data.

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@downhill , can you create a support case for this so we can have this analyzed and escalated to dev for a change?  If nothing changed, you should get an Event and job description detail…..not an error message.

Once you get the case created, share the case number so I can follow it accordingly.

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hi, the resolution given to me, and apparently the only feasible way to do it, was to hide that specific event id. So, that’s what I did and sure enough, no more entries in the event report.


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I’m not really happy with that as an answer.  We should get a CMR into dev to get the root issue addressed.

Can you share the case number with me where they gave this advice?