backup azure blob storage account

  • 8 December 2021
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anyone give me a quick idiots guide to configuring a backup of an azure blob storage account from start to finish. I have an onsite commvault hyperscale configuration with 2 media agents in azure. I believe  i need to install the cloud apps software onto a host but should this be on one of the media agents in azure ?


Tried following the guide and can follow bits of it but could do with a single list of steps 

do this then do that and so on ...


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Hi @dsanderscog , thanks for the post (and for joining us)!

I have a list of instructions, though there are multiple parts that each have their own step lists:

I’m assuming you already looked at this based on your question.

There’s no list that goes down each and every step a-z because the various agents could be on different servers/OS versions, so to make it easiest to follow, we have the instructions laid out in an overview style.

Let me know if you have any questions on any step that gets you stuck and I’ll reply back on here.

Thanks and welcome!!