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  • 12 November 2021
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Hello Guys,

My customer has exchange database integration as shown bellow, with this, i can only restore the Exchange Full database in another server exchange.
I can't restore a message of the one user, for example.
For that, it would have to have the integration with Granular exchange, right?




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10 replies

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Hi Fernando,


You can restore exchange to another exchange location using either full or incremental backups.


You can also restore messages from an exchange database backup using the methods below:




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Hello @Fernando Souza 

You can restore the entire database. However, if you enable block level you can also recovery individual messages from the database backup.

To enable it check here:

  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client > Exchange Database.

  2. Right-click subclient, and then click Properties.

    The Subclient Properties dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Advanced Options tab.

  4. In the Block-Level Backup Options area, clear the Optimize for message level recovery check box.


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Hello @Scott Reynolds and @Chris ,

I have an exchange database backup made that i wrote:

And have an Exchange Mailbox in another server: 

and i need to restore messages to one User.

Browser and Restore

Restore Masseges and give the display:

My doubt:
When i press OK restore the messages in the Media Agent LRTSRVDVVSAS302 or restore the messages in the LRTSRVDEXCS302 ??

I´m doind this procedure in production and i don´t want to risk it.







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Hi @Fernando Souza 

That is the correct steps. It will not restore messages right now. It will start to restore the blocks and meta data to that media agent. This will allow you to see a list of mailboxes in the browse.
Then you will select the mailbox/fodler/message etc to restore and you will be given the destination. Either back to the mailbox, to a PST file (assuming outlook X64 is installed on that MA) of another mailbox. Hope that helps!

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Hello @Scott Reynolds 

I made this procedure and i´m waiting for finish.

The outputs:


Is it Correct?

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Hi @Fernando Souza  Yes that is correct. Once complete the browse button will become available providing you with a browse of the mailboxes/folders, etc. Once you select your items you can restore the data to a PST file (If you installed X64 outlook on that Media Agent) or restore to a mailbox.

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Hello @Scott Reynolds and @Chris 

Sorry for the delay, but the customer just contact me today.
i went to check the restore the exchange database but i didn´t find this database in the commvault, for restore the mailbox, but the database is in the server. 

How can i restore mailbox from Commvault?,but i cant find this. Could you help me?



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@Fernando Souza  That tree is showing file system tree?

You should find the database in the Exchange database backup history like in the browse screenshot you posted before. If you performed the recovery point before by default it only stays for 1 day. You would need to perform the previous steps to create the recovery point again. You can list existing recovery points using these steps:

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Hello @Scott Reynolds 

i would like to remove all the content where i did restore, how can i do it by Commvault?



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@Fernando Souza In the steps for the link in previous reply if you list recovery points there should be a deleted option for any existing recovery points. If you actually completed a restore to a PST that would just be on the file system and can be deleted as needed.