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  • 25 November 2021
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I will be very appreciate for help :) 

After upgrading the environment from version 11.20.53 to 11.24.23

Backup in the Postgres SQL environment is not performed

Error Code: [40:68]
Description: Error occurred in Disk Media, Path [L: \ CSIOZ_DISKLIB \ LUN02 \ CSIOZ_DISKLIB_LUN02 \ CV_MAGNETIC \ V_93612] [Check whether the path [L: \ CSIOZ_DISKLIB \ LUN02 \ CSIOZ_DISKLIB_LUNIC \ is accessible_93612] For more help, please call your vendor's support hotline.
Source: win-btjvqk65p3j, Process: cvd



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Hi @kszaf 


It looks as though while writing data, we were unable to access the path under L: Drive.
From the media agent win-btjvqk65p3j, check if you can browse there and if you have read/write access (verify this from the Commvault GUI as well).


If so, the root cause for the error may lay somewhere else, but displayed this way as it caused us to fail writing. 

If the above does not help, log out a ticket and let me know here. I can check and get an answer back to you.



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Thanks @jgeorges :)

Verified Luns are available from MA level and from commserv console
The problem occurred after updating the version from 11.20.53 to 11.24.23, but interestingly, the remaining instances of postgres databases work properly

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Hi @kszaf ,


Sounds like we might be hitting issues leading into the write (either on the read side, network, or possibly deduplication) which is why we’re throwing a write error.

If you have any additional logs from the client side or media agent we can have a deeper look, but probably quickest at this point to raise a support case and have one of the DB experts take a peek.



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@kszaf , did you end up getting an incident created for this issue?  If so, can you share the case number?