Backup process of the Exchange 2013 database

  • 5 November 2021
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I kindly ask for help / information on the backup process of the Exchange 2013 database.

The Exchange administrator reported a problem with saturation of the exchange farm's resource space with a VSS reservation.

Please kindly inform me about the method / option of "cleaning" / VSS verification after the Exchange backup process - can it be the effect of the CommVault backup process?

If there are methods to delete such data, please help.

Below one of the DAG client configuration screens.






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Hello Kinga 

When an Exchange database backup is performed the Exchange VSS writer is leveraged to perform the snapshot. However once the snapshot is complete/protected it is deleted by the writer. There is no specific option to ‘delete’ it in commvault it's all automatically done by the writer itself. Those setting you have configured there are fine its backup from the passive node for all databases.

Generally, Microsoft recommends to have about 15% space available for the VSS snapshot. You can change the vss snapshot location by leveraging a MSFT command. Note this can also be performed in Windows Explorer on the properties of the disk. Also note the file system backups will leverage vss as well. You can list what shadows are currently available by running the following in command prompt
vssadmin list shadows

If the VSS shadow copies of the 😨 drive will be stored on the W: drive and allowed to use up to 30% of the free disk space on W:, the command would look like:

vssadmin add shadowstorage /for=d: /on=w: /maxsize=30%