• 28 January 2021
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Hi everyone!


does anybody try to backup a bitbuket environment by Commvault by anyway?




Best answer by Damian Andre 28 January 2021, 15:11

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It looks like there is a way to create a local copy of bitbucket. You create a pre-script or workflow from that tool and scoop up that backup with a regular file system agent.

Alternatively, if you push the data to S3 you could also use the S3 backup feature

Let's see if anyone else has ideas or a solution in production...

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anybody tried to combine that with a HybridFileStore Share yet? Somewhat similar to what is proposed with the ElasticSearch Backup Workflows provided in Store. Might be a great solution to save the space for the additonal copy as well as time.

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@Bill Katcher should be able to advise on that!

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@Mike Struening Yeah, you can probably take Damian’s solution and backup the data directly to Hybrid File Store instead of to a local file system. The advantage would be your local storage can be smaller than the size of the BitBucket and you eliminate the added step of the file system agent scanning and backing up the data.