Cannot find Recoverable Items for Exchange restore

  • 4 August 2022
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I am attempting to restore messages from a user’s Recoverable Items folder, but it doesn’t show up at all in the backed up mailbox. I found instructions for enabling the backup of the Recoverable Items folder, as if it isn’t enabled by default. Unfortunately, these instructions are for v11sp16, and we are on v11sp28, and the properties boxes don’t have the settings described.

Do I need to enable that option somehow, or is it enabled by default in my version?

If the Recoverable Items folder is being backed up, how do I find it when performing a restore?

2 replies

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Hi @RPI-Eric 

For message level restore you need a few step

  1. Enable block level backup 


  1. Prepare MA for restore 


  1. And Exchange Service Account 

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I guess I wasn’t specific enough. Everything is configured to restore messages, and I am able to restore messages from any folder EXCEPT the Recoverable Items folder, which is where items go for 14 days after they are permanently deleted. When an account is on litigation hold, this folder is never purged.

But when I browse mailboxes within the Recovery Point, none of them have a Recoverable Items folder. Since we are backing up at the database level, I am sure the data is in there. It is just not being presented for restore.