Commvault CLI Command that Lists the Jobs in Pending Status with their "Client Computer"

  • 24 March 2023
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Is there a Commvault CLI command that will return a list of jobs and the “Client Computer” name with the job?

The command below does not list the “Client Computer” name.

qlist job


-----       ---------                ------       -----                 ---------------    -------------------
21644490    Backup                   Queued       Backup                                   25
21731016    Backup                   Pending      Scan                                     5
21751110    Backup                   Pending      Scan                                     5




Best answer by Jos Meijer 24 March 2023, 21:54

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8 replies

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Hi @Donald Weihl Jr 

You can add different options to the command, for example:

-c  Client computer name

-a  Agent type installed on the client

-i  Instance name

-b Backup set name

-s Subclient name




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Thank you for the information. 


As the documentation suggests, the CLI will not list the “Client Computers” that corresponds to the jobs.  I do not want to specify the client computer name.   I want the list of jobs that are pending with the corresponding client computer names.


All I can get are the job Ids.   I am looking for corresponding “Client Computers” that go with the Job Ids (like the Commcell Console’s Job Controller has but in text format).

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My apologies you are correct.

I was under the impression it was for output options, but it is not 😑😔

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I was hoping I was wrong and was just not seeing or finding the switch that would list the client computers  in the pending state.  

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It's a dirty solution, but hope this helps a bit.

Will keep thinking about a more elegant solution, but this is not my best area to be honest:

for /f "tokens=1 skip=2 delims= " %i in ('qlist client') DO qlist job -c %i

Result is that per client name the jobs are shown, unfortunately in separate commands:


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Thank you for the solution.  That will get the job done.  I can loop though several hundred client computers in a script and determine if they have a job in the pending status.  This will also facilitate troubleshooting the job/server as well.


Thank you again.


I just thought that Commvault would have a more elegant solution since the Commcell Console lists the job Id, job status, computer client, etc. all together in one window in a table format.

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Your welcome 🙂

If I find a way to refine the output I will let you know

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I would strongly recommend to look into the Powershell or Python SDKs as they offer way more flexibility and not invest a lot of time in scripting around these CLI-commands.