Data aging, deleting old jobs

  • 19 April 2022
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We have some issues with getting storage space free. When i run Forecast repoort i dont see sometging wrong, mostly jobs are, basic days or last of the week/month under

On the webconsole under Storage - Data Retantion i see 80TB above year.


Really i those data i cannot find under the SP.

Last week under SP> Summory> Storage Policy / Copy Space storage Recovery prediction i sow 16-4 35TB and 30 TB on 17-4. Under are prediction for this week

After aging i sow alot of prunable records in DDB, i run DDB verification and after really didnt sow any space freed on storage. I run Space reclamintation with lvl 1 with Clear orphan data, nothing changes on Storage.  I wil uploade dataging log, if need to see sidbprune log i can upload it aswel

4 replies

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It seems pruning is being performed, but I am curious if you see activity in SIDBPhysicalDeletes.log

This log shows actual deletion on the volume.


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Pruning records of deduplicated jobs does not have the expectation of freeing up physical space.  You will only regain physical space if baseline blocks are pruned.  This will only happen when every job that references a block of data ages.  

Is this a cloud or disk library?

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@Jos Meijer Here are the log for Sidbprune and only 6-4 was something happening 


@Orazan This is disk library

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Can you upload a copy of SIDBPhysicalDeletes.log for review?