Disaster Recovery Solution.

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Hi, I am doing some testing related to Disaster Recovery. i am new in Commvault I want to understand About periodic Classic replication , Periodic and Continuous replication. I didn't Understand how it work. 
Anyone can help me to understand. This is Backup based replication or VMware to VMware based replication
I have some questions -
1. Periodic Classic - Is this Backup level replication? for this we need backup? 
2. Periodic - Is it same as periodic classic? or it is Snapshot based Replication?
3. Continuous - For Continuous Replication Required Media agent. If we are using HSX then we need HSX both site source and DR site?




Best answer by Sebastien Merluzzi 25 May 2023, 13:25

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Hi @Rupankan Bhowmik 

This is the link you need:

Also, you can watch this video: Periodic VM Replication for All Hypervisors

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi @Sebastien Merluzzi 

Thanks for Reply

I have some questions.

What are the recommended system requirements for performing periodic replication?

What are the recommended system requirements for performing periodic (Classic) replication?

How can I use replication for Database, Large Files and Big Data? 
for this scenario Working same as Periodic Classic?
For This I read Documents but not understanding flow.  

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@Rupankan Bhowmik ,

It’s all in the link I sent you, under Disaster Recovery and Replication  can you check.

Best Regards,


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Can anyone provide details about RP store?
For RP store Which Type storage we need? 
disk/Hyperscale or both can we use?