duplicate names when backup Vcenter VM + SQL agent

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I backup a VMware VM in Vcenter snapshot mode.

When I go to client goups, I see that VM under the vCenter

Therefore, When I try to add a new client for this VM to install SQL and FS IDA agents, I have this message :

Do you know what is the best way to resolve this.

Thanks !


Best answer by Edd Rimmer 14 May 2021, 10:31

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Hi Bloopa,

The client has been created during VSA backup - please see the following documentation for explanation:

VM-Centric Operations for Virtual Server Agent with VMware (VSA V2)

Virtual Machine Clients and Instances for VMware

The client already exists in the Commcell so you just need to install software ‘into’ that client rather than create it.


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@Edd Rimmer Thank you !

it is ok now :)