Edit body for scheduled report.

  • 20 May 2021
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I’m looking for a way to edit the outgoing mail from a scheduled report, somthing like for the alert emails.

It doesen’t seem it’s possible, i’ve looked in both the console and webconsole.

I guess it’s possible with a workflow, but the learning curve for that seems very steep. I’ve tried it but abandonded it due to lack of skills/understanding.

Another way is to use powershell to send the email and fetch the report from a local destination. But if it’s kept in Commvault it would be administrativly easier, maybe.

The reason for this is that our Incident system use some XML to configure incidents.

Anyone have any idea?




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The e-mail sent for a schedule report is not something that is editable. You could use powershell, using REST API to run the report and then sent the report via e-mail. The reports are saved to the \Software install directory\reports.