Enable chaining for Windows continuous data replicator agents?

  • 16 June 2022
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In CommCell Console, in the control panel, in the Data part, when selecting Replication, the option “Enable chaining for Windows continuous data replicator agents” appears. Does anyone have more information about this action and what happens if I disable it?


Than you. 


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@Alexis , I moved this from the Metallic section as I believe you are using the Core product.

Regarding the setting, here is what I found:

Enable Chaining for Replication

Certain Replication Pair combinations are not possible, or are only possible using different Replication Sets. You can enable chaining for replication to use destination paths as a source for replication pairs.

  1. From the CommCell Console ribbon, click Control Panel.

  2. On the Control Panel window, under the Data section, click Replication.

  3. On the Replication Settings dialog box, click the Enable chaining for Windows Continuous Data Replicator Agents check box and click OK.

This doesn’t elaborate too much, so let me know what needs clarification and I’ll get an answer as well as work with our docs team to update the text!