Full VM Restore with a specific MAC Address in a different project?

  • 24 January 2023
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I am trying to restore a VM with OpenStack in a different project. I am trying to do a kind of “Disaster Recovery” solution, so I would like to restore the VM with the same network interface configuration.

I can not find any option about how to set the MAC Address and the IP address when I am restoring it. Could anyone give me any advice?


3 replies

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Good afternoon.  While you should be able to set the IP address as one of the restore options, there is no setting to configure the MAC address .  This is what is available for restore settings for networking in FR28:

Security group: Select a predefined security group that defines the required network access.

Key pair: Select a key pair that identifies the ownership for the converted instance.

Network interface: Select a network interface that is available in the destination. 



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I’m not really sure about OpenStack but on VMware it always tried to retain the MAC address on a restore. If there is a conflict (same MAC already exists) then a new one is generated.

It could be the same logic for OpenStack - not sure what you are seeing at the moment?

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Thank you guys,

It looks like it does not work the same in OpenStack because I always get a new MAC address. Maybe because is a different project so it creates a completly new port.


Do you know if there is an option to set the MAC address via API by configuring the nic parameters?

A “mac” option or something similar?