generating reports/files with extension .hdr 0kb

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We just updated our environment to 11.23.3 and now the reports scheduled in the adminconsole fail.

If we look in the folder we see all reports ending <report_name>.pdf.hdr or <report_name>.html.hdr and they are all 0kb 

If we run reports from the Console GUi reports are generated fine.

We are still investigating, we think connection issue on port 80, but does some knows where the extention .hdr comes from?



Best answer by Danny 7 May 2021, 09:25

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Hello @Danny,

Would suggest for checking for errors in the webconsole.log. May need to increase the debug level from Commvault Process Manager to get the needed information. I think the hdr file format comes from the conversion process but not sure because you are seeing html output with the same extension.

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Issue is solved, the webconsole name was changed during the upgrade from 11.22 to 11.23 making it difficult to resolve.

Still have no clue where .hdr stands for