how to move MA from ComCell1 to ComCell2?

  • 19 January 2022
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I’d like to move one MA from ComCell1 to ComCell2, what is the process? After migration, may I use CommCell2 to restore file from MA which backed up three months ago?


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4 replies

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Hi @xiwen !

The process to move clients from CommCell 1 to CommCell 2 is called a CommCell Migration:

You generally move clients, and as a result move the library access over.

Check out the doc above and see if you have any questions.

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We run IntelliSnap backup for Azure VM and AWS EC2 on CommCell1, I referred below link, Commvault doesn’t support ComCell migration for Amazon and Azure?


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That’s correct.

What is your end goal here?  Are you looking to move a client permanently to another CommCell going forward, or to restore data to another place?

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@xiwen , following up on this one.  Can you confirm your end goal so we can make an ideal suggestion?