Incomplete backup deletion

  • 15 December 2021
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IHi All,

  An oracle database backup has been killed by me and I want to delete its backup sets from media to reuse this consumed space and I found the below

As per this document the option delete job under view jobs from storage policy copy not from storage policy but I have no storage policy copy created on my environment .


how can I delete these backup sets ?



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Hi @Marwa 

Are you using Plans or Storage policies for this client?

If you have a Storage policy, then you have at least one “copy” which is the primary. Meaning a backup is a copy from the data that you want to protect.

This can lead to confusion as you might have only this ‘primary’ backup and no other copies inside your Storage policy.

If this is the case, then just expand your Storage Policy, look for the only “copy” you have, right click on it and do the ‘view jobs’ to look for your job, and proceed with the deletion you need.

And run data aging, to make sure used storage will be freed.. :wink: