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we are configuring the Intellisnap backups for the virtual machines. Configured sublcients with datastore affinity rules. Snapmirror is configured for the datastore to DR site. we want to integrate this set up with SRM, When we made the DR site volume RW and set up a backup & snapmirror to the original location, instead of replicating to the old volume, it is creating a new volume. is there any way we can configure in CV so that reverse replication will be done to the original volume instead of craeting a new volume


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Hi @Jayaram Ponnaganti 


Are you using OCUM or Open Replication? I believe neither will replicate back to original volume name due to NetApp requirements for snaps to not overwrite data.  Thus if an existing volume with data is detected, it will auto replicate to a new volume. 


Thanks @Jordan . 

We are using OCUM. Is there any way we can do this?. Wondering how it is possible through VMware SRM. Because it will also use Netapp snapshots only Correct?