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  • 31 January 2023
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Is this a valid configuration in a non dedup scenario

Library with two paths
Media agent A on-prem with a disk path
Media agent B cloud with a disk path

None of the media agents can reach each other.

The clients using a storage policy with the above library is configured to override the default path and use an explicit path that 
is within their zones, for on prem clients they use Media Agent A and clients in the cloud use media agent B.

We are in the midst of a migration and the above would reduce the number of stg policies created.




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2 replies

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I’d say yes this is valid except for index cache - that could be problematic since the Media Agents will want to reference each others index. If you can somehow allow connectivity between Media Agents then this solution would work well.

I would not use a disk library in the cloud though - use a cloud library - the economics of VM storage in the cloud are poor compared to object storage.

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Thank you @Damian Andre