LInux One touch backup completing with errors

  • 25 October 2021
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Can you pls help me, with the linux one touch backup which is ending with the below errors, after onboarding the server to Sphinx password manager..

 Error Code: [6:966]
Description: System state backup failed : [Error: execution of './ initrd.img /var/log/commvault/Log_Files/bootcd.log /opt/commvault/iDataAgent/systemrecovery/bootimage Instance001' failed ]

Saving extra LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables []
Prefixing [/opt/commvault/Base64:/opt/commvault/Base] to extra LD_LIBRARY_PATH
               A missing shared library file detected for /lib64/
               A missing shared library file detected for /lib64/
Copying libs required for simpana but not packaged within [/opt/commvault/Base] from=[//tmp/cvlib_list] count=[0]
Failed to prepare list of required libraries for cv binaries. Refer to bootcd.log, sr_post_backup.log for details.


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Hi @Ashok Somasundaram , and welcome to our community!

Can you share the contents of the bootcd.log file and the sr_post_backup.log file for this timeframe/job ID?

That will help narrow down the cause.

Thank you!


HI @Mike Struening , please find the attached log..

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The bootcd.log shows the same logging you shared earlier.

The sr_post_backup.log shows this (repeated often): Sun Oct 24 22:25:04 BST 2021: Execfn: /opt/commvault/iDataAgent/systemrecovery/partinfo ptype /dev/mapper/mpatht Sun Oct 24 22:25:04 BST 2021: Warning: /opt/commvault/iDataAgent/systemrecovery/partinfo ptype /dev/mapper/mpatht failed!! Sun Oct 24 22:25:04 BST 2021: Execfn: getDeviceType /dev/mapper/mpatht

I am seeing this message in our incident database, though the causes and solutions are pretty varied.  I’m going to discuss with a colleague and see what else we might need to narrow this down for you.

HI @Mike Struening,

Good day, did you get a chance to check Mike?

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Let me follow up with them!

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@Ashok Somasundaram,

Could you please verify the Linux and glibc if its part of the system requirements 

provide the output of cat /etc/*release, rpm -qa | grep -i glibc & df -h | grep -i tmp

Also Commvault service pack and hotfix pack level in use



HI @Gowri Shankar - the next job was able to complete without any action, thanks for your support.