Network issue after upgrading from 11.20.46 to 11.24.43

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After an upgrade from CV 11.20.46 to 11.24.43 (Both CS (active and standby), Mediagents, and clients have been upgraded. I have an issue with one of the Intellisnap Mediaagent.

From NDMP properties of Ontap Cluster node involved, I start Detect after a while I get “could not open an ndmp connection to host…..”.

I have modified Ndmp password on Ontap node then CS with no success.

Check readiness on Mediaiagent is unsuccessful. I have restarted this MA, check readiness = OK but issue with ndmp persists.

An idea regarding this issue ?

Thanks in advance,



Best answer by Gilles SCHMIDT 13 May 2022, 17:37

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What do the logs saying during detection?

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Hello Christophe,

I have currently no access to the logs. Let me see with the customer then I will come back to you.

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Hello Christophe, our customer solved the issue himself, It was due to the teaming of network interface and route defined on the MediaAgent involved.

Thx for your support