Oracle RMAN backup switches

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When CommVault creates an RMAN backup script it includes a SEND statement with several switches.  I assume it’s sending these switches for CommVault settings.


send "BACKUP -jm 32813 -a 2:8033 -cl 4762 -ins 1521 -at 22 -j 28884797 -jt 28884797:4:2:0:54493 -bal 0 -t 1 -ms 4 -data";


I have been searching the documentation high and low and I cannot find a definition for what these switches do.  Does any know or have a link to a doc that tells what all these switches do?

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Good day @MSUJEFF


Those switches are dynamically created for the backups initiated / scheduled from commvault level.


In case if you are looking for SBT parameters to initiate oracle backups via rman interface then check the following link →


Let us know in case of any other questions.



Gowri Shankar

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@Gowri Shankar I do understand that those switches are generated dynamically.  What I’m wanting to know, is what they mean.  Are they documented anywhere?