Overwrite the report which are saved in network share

  • 22 April 2021
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I would like to save the backup summary report from webconsole in network share on a daily basis. Is anyone know how to overwrite the report each time when the report gets created?


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@Girsh Shantaram .  Great question.  You may want to set up a Workflow to do so which removes the old report before creating and saving the new one.

Each report will have a different name so it won’t be as simple as rewriting.

If I may ask, what is your overall goal that you want to accomplish?

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Thank you for your answer. 

The goal what I wanna achieve is to save the report as html format in specific location with specific name. So that our support collogues (Windows, Linux and VMware admins) can access the report in a web page and find the backup information whenever they need it. 

Internally we have a web page where they have setup asset report, inventory, hardware info.. etc.. We would like to add backup details as well in the same web page.


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Hi @Girsh Shantaram 


There is no option or setting to allow the report to be overwritten or to remove the Job ID that is appended to the report name to achieve the same. This is expected behavior as the intention is to make sure the reports are not overwritten. If there is a script involved that pulls this report from the network share based on the name it is advised to adjust the script or to script cleanup of this directory as needed.


Alternatively, we offer private Metrics reporting and Dashboard views within the Command Center that can be tailored to the users viewing them. It sounds like you are using something similar so I thought it may be worth mentioning. I have provided documentation below that covers the Command Center Dashboards as well as how the private Metrics reporting could be leveraged:

*Dashboards on the Command Center: 
*Metrics Reporting:


Hope this helps!

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Yup, That helps. I was about to create a script to cleanup and rename the newly created report. But just thought of posting here to see if someone arrived in the same situation.

The second option: I suggested the same but they want backup summary to be available in their webpage. 

Anyways, Thank you so much for your reply.