P2v Windows 2012 virtualize me and sysprep

  • 1 February 2023
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I am trying to P2V a Windows Machine with the Virtualize me feature. The P2V works well but the machine doesn’t keep the name.

1 how should I proceed to keep the name of the machine  and not have  WIN-xxxxxxxx I don’t want to loose the SID and domain connectivity


2 also, I need to put online each disk, is it a normal behavior ?


Thanks !



3 replies

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Hello @Bloopa 


Due to the very nature of what sysprep is, it is impossible to sysprep a machine and retain some information such as computer name.

Sysprep Process Overview | Microsoft Learn


It is possible that you will have to bring disks online upon restore.

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Hi @Bloopa ,

Did you follow the steps:

  1. For the Hostname, enter the host name of the client computer.

Also, after rebooting at the end of the Restore, did the Machine go through the SYSPREP and then was Rebooted again please?

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Thanks to all for your feedback, I will test again I give you more details