Permission denied, Index cache

  • 27 October 2021
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  • I have this error “Permission denied, Checkpoint restore is blocked for DB [F:\Commvault\IndexCache\CvIdxDB\..] due to recent restore failure (ErrNo.13)” 

    The index cache has enough space,around 800G free space 

    AIX file system ,last index backup is 25 Oct 2021


    Any tips on how to solve it,?



Best answer by Mike Struening RETIRED 27 October 2021, 16:31

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3 replies

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Hi @Makadi Happines , welcome and thanks for the post!

This error can have several causes, though in general it means that the index file is missing.

Can you check archmgr.log for this Job ID/time frame and see if any mount paths are showing as offline?

It will look something like this:

getRestoreMediaAgent() Failed to get Media Agent Info for volume ID[<volumeID.] Destination client Id = [2] job [<JobID>]: The device is offline and not available to use.

If not, there is a script we have that can address the index issue, though that would require a support incident, so I’d like to look at the library logs first.


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Hi @Mike Struening ,


Thank you Mike for the assistance.

 I checked the archmgr.log  , and the below is the results of getRestoreMediaAgent() function.


Kind regards,

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I would open the case if this is still occurring then; there’s a script but we need engineer review.