Recently migrated VM;s shutdown during/after snapshot

  • 14 January 2022
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Just in the past 3-4 days - we have been getting notices of servers powering off after they receive a vm snap from commvault. Its a pretty broad issue and nothing is really a smoking gun now. The only common trait is ; the same vm’s that were part of a recent migration are ones that are doing this. 

I was thinking about forcing a storage vmotion to true up any delta or split vmdk’s that could be causing a timeout on the snap. 

From the commvault side the backup is completing. - but the vm is shutdown. I will look further into properties but wanted to drop this here. 


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4 replies

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A few questions please to get a better understanding...

  • Are these VM’s shutting down gracefully or is it an unexpected shutdown? (Are the VM’s being powered off ungracefully).
  • Are you performing IntelliSnap backups?
  • If you create a snapshot of the VM’s outside Commvault, does the same issue occur?
  • Can you tell us more detail about the migration which happened?


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Took a few days to get the tests completed. 

They hard shutdown after vm level snap- not intellesnap

I have not been able to test with non commvault snaps. trying to limit downtime.

The migration was a standard vmotion from one site to another. Nothing unusual for us. We do quite a few like this. But its only the ones that migrated. Checking on rules etc. 

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Update: a manual snapshot does not shutdown the system. Snapped- Deleted snap- still no shutdown.

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Appears the issue is do to the datastores on that subclient. I split them into 2 seperate clients and cut from 12 to 6 readers. the logs and performance would suggest that the stores were overwhelmed?? Fingers crossed.