Recover of mailboxes to PST

  • 25 November 2021
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I will be very appreciate for help. 


Backup Office 365, it's about recovering mailboxes, e.g. to PST 
The backup itself is performed

Communication between servers is.

But I noticed something wrong.
I mean the proxy server - CVINDEX:
From ps it follows that there is no service installed on the CVINDEX server - index was previously, the operation with generating pst mailboxes was performed many times.
Currently I cannot install it manually, it shows a problem with IIS,
And in Windows IIS it works.


2 replies

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Hope you’re well.

Would be interested to see what the windows event logs are reporting. 

I’d suggest raising a support case as there are a couple of things we should be looking at here. 

Please let me know the case id once raised and I can track / advise from there.



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@kszaf , did you end up creating a case for this one?

If so, let me know the case number.