Recover single mail box from exchange DAG database

  • 4 September 2022
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Hi Team,

I am planning for restore single mail box from the Exchange DAG database backup, Could you please share the steps by steps for this activity.



5 replies

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If you are leveraging the live browse (backup was taken with option enabled below)

  1. The Subclient Properties dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Advanced Options tab.

  3. In the Block-Level Backup Options area,Optimize for message level recovery check box.

Than you can change the location is uses for extends using this setting:


If that above option was not enabled then you can leverage the mining from offline DB which requires a restore of the exch DB to disk on the MA.

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Hi @Scott Reynolds ,


As per your given document i have try to recover messages from offline exchange databse, But it asking the Exchnage databse location and exchange log location from media agent server, where is this file located?? could you please help on this case




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Hi @Adarsh.op 

You can use live browse via the media agent:

Or restore the database out of place and use the offline mining tool:


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Live browse is your best option.

This would have to have been enabled before the backup was ran “Optimize for message level recover” on subclient properties. This is enabled by default in recent versions of CV.


If block level was not enabled (it will show on job details if block level was enabled or not on the backup_ then you can leverage recover message from offline database

Use this option first NOT the mining tool noted above.

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Hi @Scott Reynolds ,

As per your shared document i try to recover the exchange messages but we have facing some issue ,could you please sort out the below issue

1-How to change the restore location from C drive to another Drive in media agent server ??, Because while starting the restore it will restore to the existing C drive of the media agent server.