Removing DRCommvault from all Storage Policy

  • 30 November 2022
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Hi, i would like to remove all copy that going into drcommvault from all storage policy (Image Attached). Is there any proper step before deleting it to avoid any issue later on.


2 replies

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Hello AmmarHafly,

When removing a storage policy copy, it will remove all data that is associated to that copy. 

Validate the following :

  • Right click » View jobs to help validate these are all the jobs you want to remove. 
  • Confirm any copies that are a dependant of the copy you are removing is up-to-date. 

In this case I can see Storage Policy “App Server New-2” is copy president 3 and there are 5 copies. I am unable to see the source for copy 4/5 so i would confirm those copies are up-to-date.


Once you have validated all of this and you are ready to go, simply right click on the copy and delete. 


Always happy to help!


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Hello @AmmarHafiy 

This is simply the Media Agent association to the Policy’s Data Paths. To remove the policies from this list, go into the Copy Properties > Data Path, and remove the data path. If the copies are deduplicated you will need to remove them from the associated DDB Policy’s data path. Removing the Media Agent association won’t harm the data. The Data Path simply determines who is able to do backups\restores for the given copy.


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