Rename the VM's in the Vcenter (VSA Backup impacted ?)

  • 21 November 2022
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we have many VSA backup jobs running and are now planning to change the names of the VMs on VCenter side. Currently these are only with the name in Vcenter and that should be changed to the FQDN of the VMs. Now my question would be if the change to the FQDN could affect the VSA backups or if we have to consider something.

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Best answer by Orazan 21 November 2022, 14:09

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4 replies

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We should be able to detect and update as we like to the VM GUID.  Once the change is made in VMware, in Commvault you will need to do a Datacenter refresh under the Vcenter instance.

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Hi @Orazan

This means that simply the name is displayed after a refresh with the FQDN ?

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i would vouch for tag based VM Content selection that would help you out for this situation. 

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@Orazan I do hope this is not really required and that it will be refreshed automatically overtime as well, or not?