Scheduler option for Synthetic Full - Run Incremental Backup, Before Synthetic Full

  • 23 September 2022
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Hi Team,

I cannot understand what the scheduler task option is for:

Run Incremental Backup - Before Synthetic Full

since it later gives Failure Reason:

Synthetic Full cannot run because no Incremental or Differential backup was run after last Full backup for the subclient.

Can someone explain this?


Piotr Grzegorek.

2 replies

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Is that Backup task options screenshot from the schedule policy that is initiating the job that you are showing as well? You may want to view a job history of the VSA subclient that is having issues and see if the incremental backup job is failing as well. It would also show you if indeed the most recent previous job is a full. I have seen this occur when a client is attached to two seperate schedule policies by accident. and a full and incremental are scheduled to run at the same time or another scenario where you have a full and syn full scheduled in the same schedule policy at the same time. This is common as you may want to run a syn full 3 weeks per month and then a monthly true full, but get the exclusions either not set or overlapping.

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Hello @Piotr Grzegorek 

Running an incremental before the Synthetic Full insures there is an Inceremental to use during the Synth Full. The error you are getting simply states there is only a Full backup in the cycle which a Synth Full cannot run against. A Synth Full needs a Full back and at least 1 incremental to be able to run.


Thank you,