Share Mount Path - Different MA and different Local Path

  • 26 October 2021
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Is it acceptable to share a NFS Mount Path using a different Media Agent (same OS, same kernel, same updates, same NTP etc) with a different Local Path? 



CommVault 11.24.12



Best answer by Mike Struening 28 October 2021, 23:40

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4 replies

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I would advise against it.  It will cause data corruption because if 2 writes occur at the same time from the 2 different paths that are the same then problems occur.

Also, it would cause NFTS corruption commonly and you would constantly be running chkdsk to clean the dirty bit.

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Mike, Thank you. Does it apply to a Disk Library on an NFS Share?

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Assuming the same setup regarding different names for the same actual folder, then yes.  

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Sharing this link:

There’s some context to NFS shares depending on the OS:

Note: If the MediaAgent is a UNIX/Linux MediaAgent, then you must select the Local Path option. To access an Network File System (NFS) share, you must mount the share to your UNIX/Linux MediaAgent. Once the share is mounted, it appears as another local directory on the system. You can provide this directory location in the local path. Configure the NFS mount option local_lock to none. The Commvault software does not support local_lock option set to all, posix or flock, as these settings can cause data inconsistency. If you apply any of these configurations, the mount paths may not come online.

Do not create mount paths using NFS shares on Windows MediaAgents, as it could cause potential data corruption.