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  • 26 October 2021
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recently we had a customer who upgrade their SQL environment to CU12.


this caused there CS live sync to stop working.


this was all resolved in a ticket with support and a hotfix from DEV.




but now the customer is wanting to install CU13 and is afraid that this will cause the same issues as seen with CU12.


is there any documentation on CU support on SQL?


can you confirm if CU13 is installable on FR23 with the DIAG hotfix Diag3626?


Thank you,


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Thos Gieskes.


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2 replies

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@Tim H 


Thank you for the answer!



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Hello @Thos Gieskes,

The general advise about installing cumulative updates for SQL Server is that it is safe. The changes applied in the diag you mentioned should take care of the issue faced moving forward even for CU13. At this time we have no reported issues with Commserve LiveSync at that level but as always if you do run into trouble please get a ticket opened for review.