Unable to browse destination VM (Agentless recovery) to set the restore path

  • 4 December 2021
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I am trying to restore a Linux VM guest file to same server. I am able to browse the data and select the file that I want to restore. 

Problem is I am unable to browse the destination server. I am sure that I am using the correct credentials for the vCenter to browse. However I could browse Windows VMs. 

Here is the error I get: specified parameter was not correct

Am I missing any configuration or mono is required on FRE server?

Hypervisor: VMWare


CV Version: CV11.23.17


Best answer by Alireza B 6 December 2021, 00:14

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5 replies

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Hi Girish,

We need more information and log review to see where it's failing but for a quick check please make sure you are using root level creds to access VM.

If yes, then please log a ticket for Support to review the logs.



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Hey Ali,

Thanks for your reply. I will check this and log a case if required. 


Warm Regards,



Hi Girish,


Could you please also let us below information when you escalate this case.

  1. The customer is performing restore from Command Center or Java GUI ?
  2. is this indexing V1 or V2 client ? 
  3. Restore are performed by admin or end user or tenant user ?
  4. Restore  are perform from VM level or VSA client/Hypervisor level ? 
  5. Please provide the screen shot of the restore screen and mentioned the detailed steps performed.
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@Girish , following up on this issue.  Were you able to find a resolution?  I don’t see a case number in your name.


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@Girish , following up before closing this one.  Were you able to get this resolved on your end?