Unable to change physical path on the Command Center

  • 24 November 2021
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Hi Fellas,

I’ m unable to change physical path DB files separately for the MSSQL Restore on the Command Center which I’ m logged in to “admin”. Anyone has know any idea or suggestions over here?




4 replies

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Do you run into the same issue when using the console as opposed to the command center? 

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I can change it in the console, it's only in Command Center.

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Hi @0ber0n 

Please would you raise a support case so that we can stage your database and look into this in a little more detail?

If you would private message me the case number, I will track internally from support and then update here for the Community with the outcome.



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@0ber0n , following up to see if you were able to open a support case for this issue (and if so, if you could share the case number).