Upgrade client agent silently

  • 3 January 2022
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I am trying to update the agents installed in a client locally with a Maintenance Release package downloaded from CommVault.

I can update the agents successfully using the package in an interactive way but it looks like the silent installation option available in previous versions is no more there in version 11:

usage: install [-h] [--instance INSTANCE] [-Local] [-autoupdate] [-vm VM]
               [-rmvInterSectingDiag] [-restartMacFinder]

Welcome to Unix update installer

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --instance INSTANCE   dummy arg
  -Local                dummy arg
  -autoupdate           Auto apply updates
  -vm VM                This argument is specified in case of push/ silent
                        removal of updates, for specifying the Instance being
  -rmvInterSectingDiag  This argument is specified in case of push/ silent
                        removal of updates, to remove intersecting diag
                        updates in case there are any
  -restartMacFinder     This argument is specified in case of push/ silent
                        removal of updates, to restart Mac Finder plugin

If I use the “-silent” option available in previous versions, the update does nothing (I checked the install logs and the version of the client in commcell console and nothing changes).

The “-autoupdate” option is not working either.

Do you know if there is a way to install the updates silently in version 11?



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8 replies

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I found this thread where 11.22 is used and presents the silent option:

I’m using 11.20 and option is not there.

The curious thing is that the option is there for windows 11.20 update installer...


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@Alessandro , thanks for the post!  So essentially, it ‘seems’ as if the silent option is not available in 11.20 but is in 11.22?

I’ll confer with our Unix support team and see what we can find.

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Unfortunately, it looks so.

I opened a ticket to find a solution.

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Understood, and wise idea.

Can you share the case number here so I can track it accordingly?

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Private Mail sent.

Thanks for that.

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And received, thanks!!

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Sharing the solution:

The hotfix pack 92 for SP20. (20.92) download link is expected to be released on 14th Feb 2022. 

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So far I’m still waiting for it…

Let’s see if the delay is not too big…