US support number outage

  • 4 November 2021
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Hi folks,

Just wanted to notify everyone of an ongoing phone outage we are experiencing at HQ here in the US. Unfortunately, construction just over a mile away from the office inadvertently drilled through a cement conduit and caused a large amount of damage to the fiber infrastructure that services our phone connectivity and many others in the area.

This affects all inbound calls to Commvault numbers in the US. As a workaround, an alternate number has been set up to reach Commvault support:


Metallic support numbers are also impacted. You can use this alternative number in the interim:



We have also updated our Maintenance Advantage website to reflect this new numbers. We will kept this post updated with the latest. Apologies for the inconvenience !



11-6 - The affected infrastructure is in a major traffic junction, which is affecting the repair, which is restricted under emergency department of traffic guidelines. An alterative place to splice the fiber has been located but could still be several days yet.


11/10 - Hey folks. The issue is fully resolved and customers can now use the original support numbers again. 


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