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I am looking for visio stencils and any resources to create HLD and documentations.

Do you know where I can download it ?



Best answer by MichaelCapon 24 March 2021, 10:10

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thanks @Mike Struening we understand that they’re not official and so on ! :wink:

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could anybody share the stencils with me?
I wrote a PM to Mike, but he didn’t reply.


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Hi @JanR ,

unfortunately Mike is not working for Commvault anymore, explaining why you got no answers.


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@Jennifer Kelley can you assist here? 

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Hi @JanR, yes, it has been awhile but let me investigate and see if we can get these posted where you can access again. Thanks Onno and Laurent for helping raise this!


Hello @Jennifer Kelley - is there any update on this? I would like to use these stencils for some Infrastructure diagrams I’m creating now.

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I am also interested in stencils for documenting our internal system. Professional Visio stencils really make a system design document look better.

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@Damian Andre / @Jennifer Kelley can you please deliver an update? 

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Still in need of Commvault stencils for documentation purposes. @Jennifer Kelley@MichaelCapon@Stuart Painter could this be available in MA?