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Hello everyone,

I have some VMs that are being protected, and for these VMs, a Plan was created for them (as we are MSP, and each VM has a specific schedule, a specific Plan was created to protect them) and the Plan was associated for them.

With this, two of the VMs it was necessary to configure the DR, and a Replication Group was created as should be, and the VMs was associated with this Replication Group.

I know that for the Disaster Recovery work needs to perform a backup job first in the source and with this backup job update the destination. Still, one thing came to my mind looking at this scenario: What happened with the Plan I created and associated before? The backup will be running as expected or only the DR? Also, after creating the Replication Group, both VMs are in this Replication Group, and I cannot manage the Plan as I can do with the other VMs in Command Center.

Does anyone have any idea about this?


Thanks, 😊.


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Thank you for posting… I think I follow but correct me at any point 😊.

The original Plan that you associated those two DR VMs will continue to protect those VMs, as you defined within that Plan. However, with the creation of the Replication Group, it creates a hidden plan that is controlled within the Replication Group’s Configuration Tab.


If you need to make any modifications to that Plan, you can do so within here:


If the VMs you selected on the original VM Group are no longer being protected, you most likely selected an automatic discovery option (as in ESXi host or Datastore compared the specific VMs). If so, you can manually define those two on the original VM Group and they will continue to be protected as you originally defined.

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Hello @wgrande,

You got it right in the point, 😁. When I configured the connection of the Hypervisor (VMWare in this case), I created the Plans and associated eacho manually. After this, I went in the DR tab configuration and configured the DR protection of these VMs.

When I access the Protect > Virtualization tab I have this vision:

The VMs that I protected before with Plans is within the DR VM Group and the Plan too. If, even with this view/configuration, the Plans I associated are working as expected, even better. But as I saw the VM Group that way, I got worried.