Vmware restore - Remove In Place and undconditional overwrite

  • 3 December 2021
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Hi all.

I would like to restrict my restore users, so that they cannot restore on top of a running Vmware server. I always want them to restore to a new server name, so somebody cannot destroy a running working server.

Would it be possible to remove the In Place restore option when restoring a vmware server, and force the users to restore to a new server name.


And when restoring to a new server name, would it be possible to remove the option to do a unconditional overwrite so that a user cannot overwrite a running server?





Best answer by Anand Lunawat 6 December 2021, 15:28

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6 replies

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You may be able to do a custom role and remove the right for “In Place Recover” “In Place Full Machine Recovery” and Overwrite on Restore”

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Hi @ApK ,

Do you have a role assigned to the users that you want to restrict? - I would suggest removing the following permissions:

  • In Place Recover

  • In Place Full Machine Recovery

  • Overwrite on restore

Refer to the Documentation links below:

Security Configuration:

Managing Roles:


Best Regards,

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Hi @Terry I and @MichaelCapon .


That was my own thoughts, but if I remove the “Overwrite on restore” my guess would be, that I remove it from all kinds of restore methods like removing the possibility to overwrite a SQL, file, Oracle etc.and that is not an option.




Are you trying with admin user or end user ? 

Also removing the “In Place Full Machine Recovery” should work fine for Full VM restore.


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@Anand Lunawat I have created a Backup & Restore role for end users so they are only able to do a backup and a restore, but I would like them not to be able to overwrite a running vm

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@ApK , can you confirm that @Anand Lunawat ‘s suggestion was not adequate?