Vsphere version 8 support?

  • 24 November 2022
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VMware earlier this year released Vsphere 8.

is there anything known on when this will be supported for Commvault?


not sure if supported because i did not see it added to the Docs.


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Thos Gieskes.

3 replies

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Unless and until there is any major change to VADP feature, i think it would work.


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There is no official statement on roadmaps for supported products.
But on the internet, I have seen people sharing information from their Commvault SE, stating this would be included within 90 days after the release of vSphere 8.

So, fingers crossed for somewhere in Januari 2023😋


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I heard some rumors that the 2023 release, which is scheduled for December 15, will deliver support for vSphere 8.