Why the commvault Health Reports shows MARCH date - OLD...

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Im looking at the Reports | Commcell | Health on the webconsole and I see the Health report gives me a 1 Critical notification.  When I click on the Critical notification its giving me the following:



So when I saw that I ran the “DBMaintenance.exe -recommended” command from the BASE directory 


I figured I would see a difference in the Date etc on the Report…  Not sure how the Report is getting its info or date.  Still consider myself a entry level commvault user.

BTW we are on commvault 11.24.38.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.






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Hi @bc1410 

Thanks for the question!

The Health Report data is populated by Metrics Report data and the date shown indicates the last successful data upload.

You can try Uploading Data Now for Private Metrics Reporting to populate metrics database with the latest data.

Once the latest data is uploaded, the Health Report will show the latest status.



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Thanks for the Response @Stuart Painter  - but not sure I follow.   I clicked on your link which gives me the following steps:


  1. On the CommCell Console ribbon, on the Home tab, click the Control Panel button.

  2. Click Private Metrics Reporting.

    The Private Metrics Reporting dialog box appears.

  3. On the General tab, click Upload Now.

  4. Click OK.



On the General Tab Upload is Greyed out.  When I place a check mark in the CommCell Diagnostic & Usage the button is active.   So when clicking on it it pops up with  a Error Dialog say “Please enter Metric server URL for upload and Download”



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hi @Stuart Painter 


I even notice this which isnt valid.   Its saying our last DR backup ran on March 25, 2022..   Im guessing something happened when we went from 11.22 to v 11.24 at end of March / beginning of April.


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@bc1410 do you have a private metrics cloud or are you viewing this on the side?

This is the whole process for cloud uploads:

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Hi @bc1410 

If you are on and viewing that older timestamp check in the Commcell Console > Control Panel > Cloud Metrics Reporting. Confirm if this is enabled and check the frequency this is configured to collect data and the last time stamp it ran. Of this will be found within this Cloud Metrics window.


Alternatively if you are viewing this on your locally hosted web console dashboard this data is populated with information collected via the Metrics Server Reporting. If you are viewing the Commcell Console > Control Panel > Private Metrics Reporting. This should
- “Commcell Diagnostics and Usage” Should be enabled
- Health Check and Activity should be enabled and optionally Audit and Chargeback
- The Metrics Server URL Should be populated with a valid URL to a server containing the Metrics Server package

-- This package is referred to as “Metrics Reporting, typically this is installed on the Commserve by default.
-- To confirm this, locate the Commserve client in Commcell Browser on the left hand side > Right click > View > Installed Software 
--- This should list “Metrics Reporting” if it is installed on this server
-- Alternatively it may be installed on a separate Command Center / Web Server client



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Thanks for the Fast replies 

@Mike Struening - no regarding the private metrics.

Im seeing the old dates on the “Health” report on the webconsole.

@Sean Crifasi  I have cloud metrics as you showed with your snips:



So when I go to I only see our other commcell listed.  Basically we have two different commcell environments. I dont see the one in question.   They have separate commcell IDs.


Sorry guys Im probably not replying to your response with enough detail..   Im still looking..

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No apology need!  We’ll get there as we whittle down the possibilities!

I’m thinking your CommCell here was removed from the registered list.

Try registering it again, then repeat the upload steps:

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Hey  Mike  @Mike Struening 


So I was able to get it back out there by registering it.  


and when I do a HEALTH Report I dont have the critical as it was before when it was reflecting the March 2022 date…  Also it shows that last DR backup was yesterday as the other report shows it was last ran in March.


I still have questions:

So Im getting this now popping up in the ALL EVENTS on the commcell:


Seems like every hour on the clock -  HOW do I get rid of this??



Not sure if its becasue I played around with the CONTROL PANEL | PRIVATE METRIC REPORTING as well as the CLOUD METRICS REPORTING.

I dont think anything is ENABLED on the Private Metric reporting.  It doesnt let me remove the Metrics Server URL..    Unless its enabled somewhere else??




ANOTHER QUESTION -  so since the Cloud metrics seem to be up to date/working.. Where is the info from the ADMINCONSOLE getting its HEALTH metrics??  As it still reflects March 2022 dates.   Something changed when we upgrade to the 11.24 Feature Release as those dates for MARCH is the exact time when we upgraded and ran into issues as well when upgrading (mainly because of Python - we had a more recent version installed due to security scans / vulnerabilities).   The other data on the Adminconsole/command center dashboard is up to date such as the successful jobs etc..


Appreciate all the Help!!!

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Glad to hear we are getting close!

Regarding the error, check what you see in Control Panel>e-mail & web server configuration>Internet Gateway.  Maybe something was changed/added there.

For the second part, can you show me what is showing old dates and where?  Want to be sure we’re chasing the right source.

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Hello @Mike Struening    -  ok for the second part when I go to the following:    (XXXXXXX… = our cpmmserve)




Notice the one Critical ALERT.   When I click on it -  I get this:




So the other links from the 1st SNIP above on the “overview Dashboard” reflect current dates / jobs etc…  such as the “jobs in the last 24 hours”  the success links with show current jobs etc..  This Critical Error doesn't show up on the Health Report since I got this commcell re registered as you had me do prior.  I dont know if its a big deal or not and dont want to waste to much of your time that this Critical item reflecting a March Date shows up on the I guess the local version adminconsole as oppose to the health report.


Regarding the 1st part Error I had mentioned  “ failed to upload data …….”   I did what you said regarding the CONTROL Panel | Email, Web, & FTP Server |    -  I did notice the “Report Default URL” under Web Server was populated..  I have removed what was there:   Not sure if that came about being populated when added the “Metrics Server URL” under Private Metric Reporting…   Once I removed that URL under the Web Server..  Error seems to no longer appear.


I only get the following now :   Failed to gather log files








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@bc1410 , I had a feeling you had something errant in the Control Panel, though if removing it is now failing, then we need to know what is right.  Might be worth opening a support case so an engineer can take a look and make sure that’s the last piece to fix 😁

Can you share the case number was created?


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Hey @Mike Struening 


Got a case going for this . 

Incident 220512-635

support tech just gather some logs today so not much going on just yet..






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Looks like you’re in good hands.  I’ll keep an eye on this one.