Installing Windows Server Packages on a Windows 10 Desktop

  • 16 November 2021
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I have been working with Commvault on Windows Server 2019 with the Commcell Console and Command Center installed to manage client computers for a few weeks now. I wanted to see if it was also possible to get these same packages on a Windows 10 Desktop to manage clients but on a network with no internet access. I know you can install the packages to deploy on another computer but when I tried a few different times with similar packages I used for the Windows Server 2019 onto the Windows Desktop version I get an incompatibility error and failure during installation.

If something like this is possible, what packages would I get just to be able to run backup/ restores, and clone client computer file system drives onto blank drives?

Thanks for all the help.  


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5 replies

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Hi @Douglas C , and welcome to our community!  Happy to have you with us :sunglasses:

For any desktop agent, you can install the Windows File System agent and not include the System State:

Is this what you tried to install?

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Hey @Mike Struening ,

I have tried both using the Commcell Console and the Download Manager to install the packages but both times have gotten the same error. I choose the File System, File System Core, Commcell Console, Command Center, and MediaAgent packages (since I’m only trying to do those 3 things I mentioned earlier) but I’m not sure what you mean by not including the System State.  

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If you select Media Agent on a windows Desktop it will fail (since a desktop can’t run the MA software).  Try it without, and let me know if it completes.  I’d actually suggest doing the File System and Core first, then try the consoles second.

The console should install fine as Windows 10 is supported:

Regarding the system State mention, a desktop doesn’t have a System State option, so you can install the usual Windows File System, and in the subclient uncheck the System State.  That will ensure you back up the file structure.


Do we have to only select Filesystem core and Filesystem or do we have to select any other options while we are installing the packages for DAAS backups ?

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@Ria , the installer should enable and install everything required for the selected packages.  I believe desktops only get Core.