Delete VMDisk Filter doesnt work

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does anyone know how to delete Disk Filters on a Hyper-V Subclient via qcommand?


Add works, modify works but delete doestn do anything to the filters.


Im Using this XML:

And the job is running (any spelling error results in pending jobs) but nothing happens to the filters.

XML Parameters for Microsoft Hyper-V Backup Set Configuration (

In the xml i’m just swapping “ADD” to “DELETE” and this entry should have been removed.


Thanks for help and regards

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Hello keshika,

using this command args:

With this input XML:

adds the Filter:

but once i replace the add with the delete nothing happens. but also no error code:


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Hi @Jacob.sp 

The syntax for the xml looks fine (DELETE), could you please provide the details for the diskfilter added in subclient properties that you want to delete and the value being specified in the below area?

<filters filter="" filterType="" vmGuid=""/>



Keshika Bisht