qlist job returning no jobs to display when filtering for a specific subclient

  • 2 December 2022
  • 2 replies

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I am trying to use the qlist job command to return the running jobs for a specific subclient.  Using a command structured like the one below it always returns “No jobs to display” even though a simple “qlist job” command returns results.  What am I missing?


qlist job -c 'clientName' -a 'Q_VIRTUAL_SERVER' -i 'VMware' -b 'defaultBackupSet' -s 'subclientName' -cs 'commserveName' -jt 'admin'

2 replies

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Are you using VSA V2 indexing? I am wondering if this is a limitation. I am not able to see VSA V2 jobs using the qlist with any of the listed options in my lab. But I only have V2 to test.

The reasoning behind my thought is due to how we shifted the job management of VSA v2 to admin and child jobs. The qlist command may not work in that model with the filtering/optional arguments.

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Thank you for the reply, Graham.  Yes VSA V2 is in use.  I am working with a fresh install of 11.28.20.