Auxcopy Jobs , Selections (but not what you think)

  • 19 September 2022
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I have noticed when Auxcopying my Oracle logs and databases that the Auxcopy job sits at 99% and then copies a number of streams, goes into a waiting state and the select another bunch of streams.


Can someone advise how the running Auxcopy job selects which “jobs to be copied to process” and whether there are any settings we can make to reduce the waiting state between selections. (Please note I am not asking how to mark jobs to be copied, but how the running Auxcopy selects the marked jobs)


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Hi @DaveK 


Most likely the behaviour you are describing is just the aux copy job picking more data to be copied at the end of the current batch. 


By default, aux copies will look for more data to process once the previous “to be copied” jobs have completed. You may notice this behaviour more frequently on storage policies with more log jobs since these are happening very frequently and when an aux copy job starts, there may only be say 10 logs to copy but by the time it completes those 10, there may be 5 more, thus it will pick up more data to process.


If you notice any very old to be copied jobs or if this aux copy never finishes (stuck, in cycle of constantly picking up more jobs), would be best to log a support ticket to investigate it further.